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22 June 2008 @ 11:40 am
Community Guidelines  

The guidelines for this community are simple, and as follows. Please abide by them, as they are not really that complicated and for your own protection so that everyone can have fun.

1) PLEASE NO FLAMING! People have the right to their own opinion, and just because you do not agree with others, does not automatically make them wrong and you right. In other words, PLAY NICELY, CHILDREN. You don't want the Jesus Lion to get involved…

2) Give credit where credit is due. If you did not make something that you wish to share with the group, just say so. Plagiarism is a crime, or what not, plus, it it ain't playing nice. Even if you do not know who to properly give credit to, just at least tell us that you are not the creator. On that note, claim your stuff if you are picky about these things.

3) You are not required to be an active member. You may join and leave the community at any time.

4) When entering a contest, please read the guidelines/rules for entering for them before entering and meet the deadlines. You are not required to enter contests.

5) Try to keep on topic. This is a community about all the joys and jokes that can be made of the Chronicles of Narnia series (in all of it's forms). Cross overs are welcome in this community, but it does kind of require that it is Narnia based/related.

6) Slash is neither condemned nor shunned in this community, though we ask that you keep it (and any relationship parring or shipping) PG. In othe rwords, nothing beyond kissing, please.

Have fun and enjoy everything. This is all just goofy fun stuff for the sake of entertainment <3