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22 June 2008 @ 05:39 pm
Every now and again, a post will be made that is strictly Icons that highlight the joys of Narnia or Aslan and various gags presented through this community. Sometimes it gets rather hard and tedious to sit there and sort through all old posts to find them, so for your convenience, they will all posted to this page. Enjoy!

(Note: Some Icons may be cross overs from our sibling comm, edmund_norris.)

Made by hereinmypants

Srsly? Narnian Royals First Church of Aslan Rawr ASLAN! 8D
Lioness Aslan Verse Peter Peter Is My High King Ben Barns Esta Bien Sexy
Son of a Susan The Slash Began Edmund Oh Sh!t Edmund Is My King
?FTW Pout D:< ZOMG O: Caspian Discovers Lesbians Edmund and iTunes
Cute and Kicks No Chuck Norris In Narnia